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About Andy and his team....

Andy Goldthorpe started his training saving lives at the young age of 14.  He began as an Explorer Scout based out of an ambulance service, but ultimately became employed full-time as a Flight Nurse/Paramedic aboard a hospital-based helicopter in Little Rock, Arkansas.  In June 2015, he transferred to another program in Shreveport, LA.  Since he began flying in 1994, Andy has learned the value of life-saving skills and ultimately made an impact in thousands of lives throughout Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas. 

Also in 1994, he became an avid instructor in both EMS training and American Heart Association courses.  Over the years, Andy's career in caring for the most critically injured or ill patients aided him in teaching others the art of resusciation, whether in-hospital or at scenes.  Andy's business, Lifesaver Associates, continues to flourish and grow exponentially.  Many participants come from throughout Arkansas and surrounding states to attend courses conducted by Lifesaver Associates.

A hightpiont in Andy's career was when he was chosen as the '1996 Arkansas Paramedic of the Year' and later chosen as the National Association of EMT's '1997 National Paramedic of the Year'.  Both were quite an accomplishment given that the National award was chosen from a membership of 33,000.

Over the last 16 years, Andy and his team have taught thousands of participants from all walks of life.  Credibility is Lifesaver Associates' greatest asset, they actually use the skills that they teach on a daily basis.   When was the last time your instructor did CPR on an actual patient?

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