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Transferring to our AHA Training Center

To become an American Heart Association instructor, in addition to completing the Instructor candidate requirements you must also be aligned under a Training Center.  As one of Arkansas’ largest and most respected Training Centers, we welcome you to align under us.  We have a large pool of instructors who maintain records with us.  For that privilege, instructors must agree to the following:


Current Instructors:

  • Agree to be monitored in a teaching environment by a designated Lifesaver Associates Training Center faculty

  • Agree to follow the policies and procedures of Lifesaver Associates

  • Agree to keep your instructor information (phone, address, email) current or inform us of changes within 30 days

  • Agree to follow the guidelines of the American Heart Association



Agree to a two-step monitoring process after you’ve completed your Instructor Course.  The first is to observe a class being taught by another seasoned instructor.  The second is to be the Lead Instructor, using the watch-then-practice videos and demonstrating skills when required.  Any step may be repeated, as necessary.


Additionally, you must

  • Agree to attend a mandatory instructor update annually

  • Agree to teach once a year at our training facility for the purpose of being monitored (we will provide you with a small stipend, must be pre-arranged)

  • Submit rosters within two weeks of course completion to receive cards (via mail or our toll-free secure fax)

  • Agree to a price of $3/card

  • Agree to follow the guidelines of established by the American Heart Association

  • Agree to participate in occasional American Heart Association activities

  • Subscribe to the American Heart Association’s “Currents” magazine (free-of-charge)

  • Register and periodically check the American Heart Associations “Instructor Network” website (free-of-charge) for updates


Lifesaver Associates agrees to:

  • Communicate with Instructors at least quarterly (if not more often) through email or other means

  • Maintain current instructor records for three years

  • Forward instructor records to other Training Centers when necessary upon receipt of necessary paperwork ($100 fee may be assessed if you attended a discounted Instructor course)

  • Issue new instructor cards, once an Instructor has fulfilled teaching requirements

  • Participate in conflict resolution meetings, when problems do occur.  If disputes cannot be resolved, Lifesaver Associates will forward the matter to the Regional Faculty to aid with resolution. 

  • Be available by telephone or email (most correspondence answered within 2 hours if conducting a course)

  • Mail cards within 48 hours upon receipt of roster(s)