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Ryan McCormick

Ryan McCormick began his career in Virginia on a volunteer rescue squad as an EMT at the age of 16.  During his years in college, he worked for a fire department outside of Chicago, Illinois as a firefighter/paramedic for four years.  While there, he responded to several thousand emergency medical responses that allowed him to pique his skills and exposed him to many diverse situations.

Upon completing college, he moved back to central Arkansas and began a career with the Little Rock Police Department, where he was a patrol officer for six years.  In 2004, he began a new career with the Bryant Fire Department where he remains employed as the Captain over the Training Division.  Ryan is charged with overseeing the training of new firefighters and assuring that they are exposed to the latest standards and techniques.

Ryan feels that training is a great opportunity.  He's mastered the ability to make training enjoyable with great interaction with participants.  His concepts of  'thinking outside the box' have made him a favorite of participants.


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